The Pool Area


The twenty two metre salt water swimming pool at Akasha Heritage was inspired by designs from the world’s leading pool architects to the highest specification.
Featuring white slate on the outside and green mosaic inside, it mirrors the evolving colours of the sky above. At night it is illuminated by a bespoke
lighting system which provides a special ambience as the sun sets. Solar energy provides the warmth for late season swimming.

The pool has an integral ‘hotpool’ of four metres square, the temperature
of which can be set to provide the perfect sanctuary for water
therapy, rebirthing or simply relaxing with friends and family at any
time of day or night.
The underwater sound system also facilitates various wellbeing treatments using music and soundwaves as an aid to healing and relaxation.


The pool area
During a stay at Akasha Heritage one can feel the design elements
working effortlessly together. The sense of tranquility
creates the perfect basis for relaxation, healing or simply having
a good time with friends and family


The villa has an extensive custom designed lighting system which
brings it to life in the evening and at night. The state-of-the-art
system creates a soothing glow which flows around the house and
ensures that all areas of the property remain connected and usable at
all times.