Booking is confirmed when 50% of the total fee has been paid into Akasha Heritage account and documentation have been forwarded by email. Balance must be paid and have arrived into accounts no later than 8 weeks prior to arrival otherwise reservation automaticly defaults and the 50 % deposit is lost.


Reservation option will be held for 48 hours until documentation – for transfer of money – is send to agents account or owners account have been forwarded and received by owner.


Reservation automaticly defaults after 48 hours from agreed deadline unless otherwise agreed in writing or email.


Documentation for transfer has to be forwarded in each and every case to keep reservation.


Deposit 4000 Euro – have to be kept by Akasha Heritage Staff or agent and kept until 1 week after rentel and only released after Akasha Heritage staff have notified agent – in writing- that the property is in good order and all damages have been reported. It’s the responsibility of the agent to keep deposit, charge for any damages and hold back sufficient funds from the deposit to cover all damages. In case agent does not holde deposit, release the deposit before notification by Akasha Herittage staff the agent is kept liable for damages. Also the agent needs to ensure that Fixed tipping minimums and breakfast and cost are covered by deposit in case client doesn’t pay in cash direct to staff. Staff will report such missing payments of ingredients and remaining fixed minimum tippings.



Housekeeper does cleaning 6 days a week of up to 4 Hours a day. Wednesday Is off. Everything beyond is an extraordinary service to guests and clients.


Tips for staff not included in prices. Recommended tipping is 250-500 Euros per week.


Transfer information 


Akasha Heritage 

RCV Management Limited 
VAT:  938 7062 93

Bank info:
Danske Bank London

75 King William St, 

London EC4N 7DT, 




IBAN:   GB18 DABA 3012 8122 0077 85